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Our Story

Hello, I'm Elle, I launched Mindful Roots Tea in 2019, however,  I have always loved tea and art and wanted to find a way to combine the two. 

I am half Jamaican and half Scottish, growing up with a Jamaican mother who used to and still does to this day, recommend herbal teas to me when I was not feeling well.

When I  was about 10 years old, not long after moving back to the UK, I would get stomach pains. My mum gave me some mint tea to help my stomach ache and nausea. She took me to the doctor for my stomach, and bare in mind this was many years ago, he told her not to give me any more of THAT kind of tea as their knowledge of plant based remedies were not known in western medicine. 

Since then studies have shown that mint tea has been known to aid with stomach ailments, and this is why I believe in the healing power of traditional remedies and natural ingredients. So many plant based remedies exist and have been used for generations. 

This has stuck with me throughout my life, recommending tea remedies to my own friends and family. 

I wanted to create a range that stayed true to the wellness benefits of the plants and roots but make them more fun by creating natural blends that are unusual but taste great too. I love flavour, so our teas and tisanes only use natural ingredients and no added preservatives, flavouring or sugar and because we only use loose leaf and not tea bags, you are able to get the best, full flavour of our ingredients!

I became obsessed with actual tea when I was introduced to chai, when I lived with an Indian family in Canada, they would constantly be making cups of tea but chai to me was the best, having so much flavour!

My passion for tea lead me to become a Tea Champion in 2018 through the UK Tea Academy, I learned so much from this experience that it has inspired me to  educate more people about tea and ignite the same interest and passion and encourage people to demand better tea!

I cant wait for the opportunity to progress and eventually become a Tea Master.

I have a great passion for the environment and wanted to provide environmentally friendly products that we would all be happy to consume and there is no need to worry about where the products come from. Sustainable, Ethical and Eco Friendly. Everything is sourced and made with this in mind!

Our Packaging

We believe in helping the environment wherever possible, that's why we only use loose leaf tea and not tea bags! Even cornstarch tea bags, which are now common place, need to be industry composted in order to be broken down. This means you can not put it in your garden to breakdown, it must be sent away to be processed.

So what packaging do we use?

We use an  eco-friendly oxo degradable pouches to supply our tea. They cannot be recycled or composted, but when added to your usual rubbish bin it will breakdown over time into very minuscule pieces. 

We are always on the look out for better alternatives that are as earth friendly as possible. 

The boxes we send your items in are reused where appropriate and even the tape used to seal them are eco-friendly too as they are made with paper and can be recycled!